February 2024 Site Updates


Hey everyone! 👋

Over the past weeks, I've worked on improving the site's UI/UX, performance, and more. Below are the major update highlights.

February 2024 Site Updates


  • Switched to the dark site logo for the light theme and vice versa.
  • Added shadows (depths) to various elements, such as cards (blog cards, for example), site header, labels, and FAQs accordion.
  • Increased border radius of various elements.
  • Increased padding of certain containers (cards, for example).
  • Reduced heading font sizes by a few pixels (h1 is 36px and h2 is 30px).
  • Updated colors of various site elements for both light and dark themes. For instance, the site body is now darker.
  • Various other updates to address performance and layout issues.


  • Switched to a light gray background color for the light theme.
  • Updated the navigation menu to show the most relevant links.
  • Simplified the theme switcher (toggle) to show icons only (light: sun; dark: moon), instead of text and icons.


  • Added blog category links.
  • Added general site links (Site News, About, Contact, etc.).
  • Removed the newsletter form.
  • Switched to a light blue background color for the light theme.

Home Page

  • Added the new Most Popular section — featuring the 3 most popular articles among the site users.

Blog Page

  • Added categories list.

Single Article (Blog) Page

  • Moved the blog feature image below the introductory text.
  • Moved the article header a bit above, expanding to the site's container width.
  • Added a light blue background color to the article header.
  • Simplified the sidebar: Removed CTAs, newsletter form, and social media links. The sidebar now shows the table of contents only.


The newsletter call-to-action (CTA) card above the footer is now simplified - featuring a single-row layout with all the text description removed. You can still find all the newsletter information on its dedicated page.

As for the newsletter itself, the first name field is now removed (which was optional anyway), so you need to enter your email address only to subscribe.

Share Your Feedback

I highly appreciate any feedback! Please send your suggestions or feedback via email at [email protected]. And if you notice any bugs or site performance issues, please let me know. 🙂

Recommended Reading

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    In addition, I've created and currently maintain several open-source projects, including web apps, widgets, websites, and more.

    When I'm not writing content for W3Things or doing web development work, I enjoy my free time by playing games or listening to podcasts.

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